IRC Logs for #io Monday, 2013-12-09

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prologicjer, the semantics of my blocks are brokens :/21:00
prologicI cannot implement partial :/21:01
jerdo you know the problem?21:01
prologicnot really (yet)21:04
prologiclet me show (in mio code) two problems I've found21:04
prologicso the first problem I think is around closures21:08
prologicand how we reference things21:08
prologicbut that's probably deliberate21:08
prologicbut a bit sucky sometimes21:08
prologicthe 2nd problem is - the wrong answer :)21:08
prologicnot even really sure what's going on (yet)21:08
prologicI don't have a mio debugger (yet)21:08
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prologicI think im going to try and redefine my calling semantics22:08
prologicand formal oarameters22:08
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