IRC Logs for #io Tuesday, 2013-12-10

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prologicI have restarting iterators in mio14:54
prologicI didn't intentionally design that14:54
jernice =]15:40
prologicheh is it? :)15:49
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buu_ze_gerbilok is the main io implementation done in C?20:43
buu_ze_gerbilor does io live on python?20:43
buu_ze_gerbilim confused20:43
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prologicIo is written in C9920:52
prologicmio is a new language I'm desinging :)20:52
jerwell, 1/3 of io is written in itself20:54
jer2/3 is written in C20:54
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zephyrtronium2/3 of one particular implementation of io is written in c, to be fair22:32
jerzephyrtronium, yes22:51
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prologicI think mio is about 1/4 mio and 3/4 python23:31
prologichaven't done a count lately, but I think that' sounds right23:31
jeri forget who said it, but there's a great quote i am quite fond of wrt language design, goes something like "Any language worth its weight in double density floppy disks, is self hosting"23:44
jergiven the media depicted in said quote, that should narrow it down to a few 23:44
zephyrtroniumi'd call that bogus23:45
zephyrtroniumit's impossible to initially implement a language in itself, and "to be self-hosted" is not a compelling reason to reimplement a language23:47
prologicactually it is :)23:51
prologicand I call your statement bogus :)23:51
prologicYes it's true you can't initially write a language in itself - That takes time and bootstrapping23:51
prologicBut self-hosting is very compelling23:51
prologicWithout self-hosting we'd never be where we are today.23:52
prologice.g: Assembly (most assemblers) are self-hosting23:52
prologicG/GCC is self-hosted23:52
prologicIt's quite hard to build new compilers, new interpreters and new languages without being self hosted really because you're then always reliant on your parent/host environment23:52
zephyrtroniumif it is easier to reason about the design and implementation of the language in that language, then that provides a second reason to self-host23:54
zephyrtroniumself-hosting itself provides no real benefits23:54
zephyrtroniumit provides bragging rights23:55
zephyrtroniumalso, i would hate to write an entire assembler in assembly23:55
zephyrtroniumi would much rather use c or a similar language, and probably my first choice would be to port llvm23:56

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