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jeralpha123, because index 0 in the argument names is "a"13:57
jertherefore, if you replace item at index 0 with "b", you'll get list("b", "b")13:57
jeralpha123, err just read your whole thing14:05
jeryou need to clone getSlot("fn") 14:05
jerx := getSlot("fn") clone; x argumentNames atPut(0, "b"); x argumentNames == list("b", "b")14:06
jerin <-- i have an example implementation of if() which makes the point on a good rule for cloning14:07
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alpha123jer: When I try to do `x argumentNames atPut(0, "b")` it tries to call x first, so I get an error about how it was expecting an argument. :(18:30
alpha123jer: I suppose I ought to explain my full situation, which is
alpha123I know it's fairly pointless, but I'm just exploring Io's code-rewriting abilities.18:35
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