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jeralpha123, if 'x' is activatable, then it will call it -- you need to use getSlot("x") to avoid activation when referenced by name02:10
prologicahh yes03:17
prologicthis beast :)03:17
prologicin mio I force explicit use of () (parens) to call an activatable object :)03:17
alpha123jer: I know that, which is why I was using getSlot("fn") to begin with; however, even with cloning it doesn't appear to modify the argumentNames. Hence why I figured maybe getSlot("x") argumentNames was different from just x argumentNames03:38
prologicif you clone an object, you'll get a new copy of that object03:42
prologicso the original won't be modified in any case03:42
prologicmaybe you just want getSlot("fn") argumentNames atPut("0", "b")03:42
alpha123Why would it matter if the first argument to atPut is a string or a number?03:42
prologicerr sorry03:46
prologicI meant atPut(0, "b")03:46
alpha123That is what I tried initially.03:49
prologic*sigh* :)03:49
prologicyou can't modify the block arguments at runtime in mio03:49
prologicI should fix that03:49
prologicthe args are internal and f args only gives you a representation of them :)03:49
alpha123prologic: Try it, I'm quite stumped. atPut(0, "b") appears to return the correct thing, but then getSlot("fn") argumentNames still says the old stuff.03:49
prologicnot sure about Io though03:50
prologicit's possible that argumentNames are immutable03:50
prologica representation only03:50
prologicand not the real block arguments03:50
prologicdunno :003:50
prologicit's exactly as I though then03:50
prologicIo is behaving exactly like mio is 03:51
prologicgetSlot("fn") argumentNames is giving you a list of argument names03:51
prologicbut it's a representation only03:51
alpha123Ah. So I can't flip the order it receives arguments?03:51
prologicmaybe there's another way to mutate the block's arguments03:51
prologicI just don't think you can modify it at all03:51
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prologiclemme see03:51
alpha123I'm been playing with it and trying to see. I'm fairly new to Io but get the concepts, just don't know some of the metaprogramming methods.03:53
prologicthat's it03:53
prologicyou want this03:53
prologicgetSlot("fn") setArgumentNames(xs)03:53
alpha123Oh? It's possible after all?03:53
prologicwhere xs is some list03:53
prologiclike I said03:54
alpha123That's actually fairly obvious come to think of it. :P Thanks prologic.03:54
prologicno problems :)03:55
prologicit's just that some objects in Io are actually implemented in C03:55
prologicso you don't get full access to the implementation details03:55
prologicthat's why you have methods like setArgumentNames03:55
alpha123Ah. That makes sense.03:55
prologicif Block were implemented in Io itself03:56
alpha123I was actually embedding Io in a tiny game engine a while back, so I'm relatively familiar with that.03:56
prologicyou would be able to modify the args list itself directly03:56
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joelteonI don't really understand how imports work. How would I import Databases?19:39
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prologicjust be refering it20:42
prologicIo does implicit imports20:42
prologicif you have a in your path20:42
prologicor in the Importer's path (mutable)20:42
prologicjust by referencing it, it will get loaded and you'll get the Databases proto20:42
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joelteonprologic: is Databases not part of io's standard library?21:01
joelteonalso, do you know where I can get better documentation on the async stuff in Networking? I don't really understand how it works21:16
prologicIo doesn't have a std. lib as such21:18
prologicit has optinoally compiled addons21:18
prologicthe async stuff works in two ways21:20
prologiccoroutines and actor model21:20
prologicsee the reference guide on iolanguage.com21:20
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joelteonHow do I build the addons?21:37
prologicyou cd /path/to/addon22:57
prologicand build it with cmake22:57
prologicit's an "addon" :)22:57
prologicloaded dynamically22:57
joelteoncmake dot22:57
prologicthat's what I meant by Io doesn't really have a std. lib per say22:57
joelteonand it makes me feel silly because every attempted addon build fails the exact same way22:57
joelteonlet me pastebin22:57
prologicit has a bootstrap library of Io code that implements a lot of the Io semantics/behaviors in Io itself22:57
prologiclooks like you're missing some basic requirements22:59
prologicyou'll need mysql-devel package(s) isntalled22:59
joelteonwell, i have mysql headers22:59
prologicbuilding any of the addons will require system C development libraries for the various parts of the addons that they depend on22:59
prologicthey're not "pure Io"22:59
joelteonit's complaining about not knowing what make_build_bundle is22:59
prologicmost of them are C extnesions22:59
prologicI'm not sure tbh :)23:00
prologicperhaps jer can help23:00
joelteoni tried to build zlib, the headers of which I also have, and it also complains about not finding make_build_bundle23:00
joelteoni'll wait for jer23:00
prologicI've only ever built the Ragne addon (once)23:00
prologicand tbh I don't use Io itself except for inspiration for my own langauge design :)23:00
joelteonwhat's the best answer23:00
prologicvery funny locks :)23:01
joelteonno io for me, then23:01
prologicjoelteon, don't lsiten to him :)23:01
lockssorry, very grumpy about add-ons23:01
prologicthe addons _can_ be buitl :)23:01
joelteonthat's what I've heard23:01
prologicwith some effort they _can_ be built23:01
joelteonI was going to say that I feel better about io than lua because lua's small standard library and lack of plugins make it almost completely useless23:01
locksI just managed to never being able to build the ones I needed23:01
locksRegex is enough of an headache23:01
joelteonbut I can't build any addons for io either :/23:01
locksI wanted to do a mustache parser23:03
joelteonlocks, you've been in #elliottcable before, right23:03
locksoh god23:04
joelteonthat's why your name looked familiar23:04
locksmany moons ago23:04
joelteoni couldn't place it23:04
locksdid you have a different alias? sorry, I have the memory of a wet rock23:04
joelteoni've just heard stories23:05
prologicmaybe one day mio can become the new Io23:06
prologicwith two-way bridges/intergration with C and Python23:06
prologicmwhahah :023:06
prologicand easier extension compilation!23:06
prologicI'm "trying" :)23:12
prologicI need to get it compiling with RPython23:12
prologicand define a set of bytecode insutrctions and a compiler23:12
prologicthen we're golden23:12
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