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jerprologic, yeah i'm aware it's done by inheritance, that's the example i outlined.00:20
jerzephyrtronium, it's an empty object just like any other, it's not explicitly a number, it's just been configured to look up against a number00:20
jerit's a very subtle distinction00:20
jerclone produces empty objects that inherently are not coupled to any other object EXCEPT that we configure them post-creation to insert the receiver of the clone message into the protos list at index 000:21
jerthis is how inheritance works in io00:21
jerthis is how io implements differential inheritance00:21
jerit delegates EVERY message send to its protos list, first match wins, we process the list depth first00:22
jeronly in ways it is different from its protos will it store locally00:22
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benzrfis anybody online?01:02
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Raimondibenzrf: if you have a question about Io then just ask it01:21
benzrfone sec01:28
benzrfI know very little io01:28
benzrfi tried to make a simple implementation of dynamically scoped methods, how does this look ->
zephyrtroniumjer: this is what i am looking at01:44
zephyrtroniumi wasn't asking how it knows where to get *, i was asking how it knows the numeric value of y01:44
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prologicjer, hehe it's okay :)04:24
prologicI was just replying to backlog04:24
prologicand didn't read your entries until after :)04:24
benzrfprologic: who is jer?04:25
prologiczephyrtronium, I believe when you clone an object with a cacehd primitive value (e.g: number, string, symbol, etc) that also gets copied04:25
prologicbenzrf, an ex-core dev of 10+ years in Io04:26
prologicjer, hi :)04:26
benzrf20:28 < benzrf> I know very little io04:26
benzrf20:28 < benzrf> i tried to make a simple implementation of dynamically scoped methods, how does this look ->
prologicyeah I just read your code snippet04:28
prologicI'm not really srue what that does :)04:28
prologicjust be reading it04:28
prologicafaik you can dynamically change the scope of blocks anyway04:28
prologicthere's hardly a reason to wrap that up in a method04:28
prologicand all you're doing (afaik) is just calling doInContext(some_obj)04:28
prologictry writing a program in Io instead :)04:28
benzrfive never felt the urge >.>04:29
benzrfwell this does it automatically by caller04:29
prologicthen why bother doing anything in Io :)04:29
benzrfto see if i can grok the crazy metaprogramming04:29
prologicright :)04:29
benzrfi normally dont bother doing 04:29
benzrf'real programming'04:30
prologicwell in this case it's called homiconicity04:30
prologicast is a data structure04:30
benzrf*in non mainstream languages04:30
benzrfprologic: im ware of homoiconicity04:30
prologicoh well04:30
prologicthat's why Io isn't mainstream then04:30
benzrfare you sure it's exactly homoiconic?04:30
prologicbecause you don't even try to make it mainstream :)04:30
prologiccatch 22 :)04:30
prologicIo is homiconic04:30
prologicas is smalltalk04:31
benzrfit just doesnt feel as polishedly pleasant to use as python or ruby04:31
prologicand a few others04:31
prologictry then :)04:31
benzrfi normally think of homoiconicity as meaning that code and data are identical04:31
benzrfwhich is not exactly true of io04:31
prologicwell that's just another way of putting it yes04:31
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benzrfi.e. in lisp, code and lists/trees are notated the same way and represented the same way04:33
benzrfoh wait a sec04:34
benzrfi think i see what you're saying04:34
prologicwhat was I saying :)04:48
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zephyrtroniumIo> (2]13:51
zephyrtronium==> 213:51
zephyrtroniumlexers are hard13:51
jerzephyrtronium, that's also been a known bug for at least 8 years =]13:57
jeri fixed it once, but it broke again sometime.13:58
zephyrtroniumi just find it entertaining13:58
jeri originally introduced it when i added [] and {}, found it and fixed it, then it regressed at some point =/13:58
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prologicMerry Christmas y'a;;20:00
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prologiclexers aren't that hard :)20:05
prologicbut even mio needs to improve on this :)20:05
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