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Z10nHi is this the smashthestack wargame channel?01:24
Z10nIs there any good resources to learn about Linux exploitation?01:26
Z10ni really need some help with linux exploiation resources01:28
prologicZ10n:  ROFL01:33
prologicGet out of here!01:33
prologicgo away01:33
Z10nwhat did i do i01:33
Z10nsorry bad keyboard01:33
Z10nanyway as i was saying i am just trying to ask for help01:34
prologicno seriously go away01:37
prologicgo away before I get a FreeNode staff member to ban your sorry ass01:37
Z10nall right 01:39
Z10nall right i will go away, i am just trying to learn01:40
locksprologic: D:01:43
prologichi locks 01:54
prologicI don't tolerate such nonsense01:54
prologicI will personally not teach anyone how to hack, steal, cheat, lie or commit crimes :)01:55
jerthat's short sighted02:03
jersure some will use that knowledge for bad purposes02:03
jerbut many will use it to help close gaps in security systems, help further the security community (become those giants future generations will stand on the shoulders of)02:04
jeri'm happy to share my knowledge with anyone on that subject -- granted, i'm not a security expert, and i don't have much to contribute beyond best practices.02:04
prologichow many use it for good purposes jer? :)02:09
prologicwhat's the statistical percentage here? :)02:09
prologicquestion is whether he/she/it was legitimately wanting to learn for the purposes of good and not eveil02:10
prologicihmo he/she/it seemed desperate02:10
prologicusually a bad sign :)02:10
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jerprologic, i don't know02:31
jerso have a bit of a dilema02:35
jerthere's presently 3 grants open, all in areas of extreme interest of mine (programming language, operating systems, and software engineering (more so theory of...))02:36
jerterm limit of 5 years02:36
jerrather up to 5 years02:36
jerhave 8 months to register notification of intent to apply, and 10 months to apply.02:37
jeri'm seriously contemplating applying for two of them that i can make overlap02:37
prologichow much are these grants worth?02:44
prologicthis could interest me as well02:44
jeryou supply your budget requirements to complete the project over what duration, justification for that budget, ... 02:47
jerobviously there's a finite amount of money put aside for these programs02:47
jerbut what that is, i'd have to look in the budget02:47
jeras in the federal gov't budget02:47
jeralso, it's the canadian federal government, and the application process requires you be a citizen, or permanent resident of canada02:48
jer(starting a company in canada would be sufficient too)02:48
jerit's the national sciences and engineering research council of canada that has the grants i'm looking at02:48
prologicgotcha :)02:51
prologicok nevermind then02:51
prologicAU is not that generous right now02:51
prologicwith out stupid sucky govt we currently hav win place02:51
prologicAU will be going downhill for the next 4-6 years02:51
prologicanyway I think it's a great idea for you :)02:51
jerthe # of grants and budgets for them have gone down in Canada in recent years02:52
jerand there's always the risk that next year's budget will kill available funding to this program and it'll be cancelled02:52
jerbut i'm going to figure out how much applying for this grant will cost me02:52
jerand if it's less than $15k i'll probably do it02:52
prologiccool :)02:54
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