IRC Logs for #io Friday, 2014-01-24

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jernot thinking just about a functional io, but a functionally reactive io01:50
prologicyeah I still don't get this whole reactive programming buzz / hyper :)02:00
prologicI honestly think I've been doing it anyway myself in Python and my circuits application framework02:00
prologicso *meh*02:00
prologicyou do remember that I'm trying to make mio functional (but not strict)02:01
jeri just want to throw out some numbers; two applications, identical to one another in functionality -- 9,696 and 32,61302:02
jerthe latter, written in an imperative OO style02:02
jerthe former, in a declarative reactive style02:02
jerboth iOS applications02:02
jerless code to comb through makes it easier to visualize the paths between components02:03
prologiclook I think reactive programming is great02:04
prologicI just think it's hype/buzz for what we already know about things like event-driven programming, data-flow driven proramming02:04
jernothing in frp is new, i don't think anyone is saying it is02:04
prologicI set about this same journey back at uni where I started (at that time) the initial concept ideas for what is now circuits (on Python)02:04
prologicno I know :)02:05
prologicbut lately I see a lot of hype about it02:05
prologicand frankly I don't "get it" in the "form" that folks talk about02:05
prologicmaybe the apis being presented and used "suck"? :)02:05
pdurbinprologic: when you get it, please clue me in :)02:12
prologicno see that's the thing02:19
prologicit's nothing new02:19
prologicbut we humans love to invent new words/buzz/hype about things old become new02:19
prologicyou know the saying02:19
prologicold things new again02:20
prologicreactive programming capabilities have existed in a lot of things for quite some time now02:20
prologice.g: twisted vs. circuits02:20
prologicthey can both (and do) do reactive programming02:20
prologicIHMO the way circuits does it is better, simpler and easier02:20
prologicbut I"m biased :)02:20
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