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pdurbinthe multiple server thing00:00
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prologicI realized after re-looking (must have been tired and overlooked it) at the two code bases that both bots and their separate but nearly identical implementations do in fact have code to copy with disconnections -- but not errors during connecting02:42
prologici.e: dns errors, timeouts, etc02:42
prologicpertinent during DDoS attacks on the FreeNode network depending on various conditions02:42
prologichopefully this patch above should fix that and I'll apply it to both bots after a few days of testing02:42
prologicyes s/copy/cope02:43
prologiclong story short, I stupidly mis-understand my own framework02:43
pdurbinhg? wtf. jk! ;)02:43
prologicand thought it fired disconnected events for errors during connection attempts02:43
prologicbut it doesn't :)02:43
prologicoh well :)02:44
prologicI kinda feel like this kind of state management is s bit ugly though02:44
prologicmaybe there's a more elegant way :)02:44
pdurbinprologic: try another layer of abstraction ;)02:44
prologicis that often more elegant? :)02:45
pdurbinis the solution to every problem in computer science, I thought ;)02:46
prologicperhaps some kind of "State Management" components where you declaratively declare the states your system can be in and the transitions02:46
prologicand the system somehow automagically updates this state?02:46
prologicand then also tie this in with the observer pattern so you can also watch changes to attributes and objects02:47
prologici.e: a set of components to deal with state and data changes02:47
pdurbin'"All problems in computer science can be solved by another level of indirection," is a famous quote attributed to Butler Lampson, the scientist who in 1972 envisioned the modern personal computer.'
prologicnot sure what it would look like though02:48
prologicagh yes :002:48
prologicproblem though is the deeper the indirection02:48
prologicthe more complex and harder it is to understand02:48
pdurbinopposite of elegant :)02:48
prologicI'm quite happy (in most cases) with the level of indirection circuits the framework has and provides02:49
prologiceverything else is "up to you"02:49
pdurbinenough rope to hang ourselves?02:49
prologicpretty much :)02:49
prologiccircuits is just (really) a very powerful and expressive message bus which in itself builds the so-called component architecture (loosely coupled components by way of "events")02:50
prologicso perhaps I should write this "abstraction" :)02:50
prologicmaybe :)02:51
pdurbinprologic: I thought you had enough to do for the upcoming release ;)03:01
pdurbinthis isn't #circuits03:01
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