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prologicWhere's that article that talks about Io and compares it's complexity in terms f the no. of keywords to other langauges like C++/C#/etc?07:28
prologicI can't find it :/07:28
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jerprologic, # of keywords doesn't have anything to do with complexity. yes it can increase the complexity of your parsing subsystem a bit, but that's a tiny tiny part of your language. consider C vs Ruby. C has well over 90 keywords, Ruby has 13 i think. Ruby is a lot more complex than C wrt to parsing even13:38
jeri'm pretty sure that crypto's entire purpose is so that you can use pointer arithmetic and nobody will give you shit for it =]13:40
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prologicsorry jer I wasn't talking about parsing complexity14:17
prologicI was talking about reasoning about code14:17
prologicand learning curvies wrt to different languages14:17
prologicI believe there is a fine balance with numerous keywords and special idioms and terminologies14:18
prologicvs a language that uses fewer keywords, uses common idioms and tries not to introduce too many alien concepts14:18
prologicI really wanted to find that article again :/14:18
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jerprologic, ok. i don't remember the url 20:49
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prologicjer: nps :)21:54
prologicbut thanks for your input anyway :)21:54
prologiceven though it was a different topic altogether :) parser/grammar complexity ;)21:54
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