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ker2xI'm trying to understand io to create my language based on Marc André Cournoyer07:18
ker2xhe write about io, created "mio" as a tiny sample homoiconic language07:18
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pdurbinker2x: mio is written in ruby, right?10:18
pdurbinI think that's the one prologic ported to python10:18
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prologicwhat's this about mio?10:30
prologicmio from the book "How to create your own freak'n awesome programming language?" was just a little tiny incomplete (far from useful) prototype written in Ruby10:30
prologicI took (bought and read the book) and took it a whole lot further10:30
prologicBut implemented in Python10:30
prologichaven't worked on it for a few months -- it's at a stage where I want to re-write the implemtnation in a lower-level langauge (e.g: RPython)10:31
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ker2xpdurbin: yes12:17
ker2xit's for fun12:18
ker2xi'm not a coder, i'm sysadmin12:19
ker2xprologic: ?12:22
pdurbinker2x: sysadmins can be coders: ;)12:24
ker2xwell i have a dozens of projects on github. but they sux :)12:26
ker2x the only one i use in production. and it's stupid simple :)12:27
pdurbinhuh. neat12:30
ker2xvery very very usefull12:30
ker2xmost of my projects sux because i create stuff i don't need, so it usually die before it's completed12:33
jerfunny enough, that's how most projects die12:38
ker2xobviously :)12:38
jerit's why i stopped working on io. 12:38
ker2xheh, gound something usefull. the repl is now a core instruction. so i can do some stuff, launch the repl, do stuff, exit the repl and continue the program execution12:46
ker2xperhaps i should find a way to run the repl using a SIG (but obviously not CTRL-C)12:47
ker2xisn't it fun ? i could modify the program behaviour while it's running12:48
prologicYes a project with no use will quickly die12:53
prologicor become stagnant (same thing?)12:53
prologicker2x, yes this is the one -- although I prefer Mercurila over Git and quite frankly Bitbucket to Github so most of my actual projects are managed by Bitbucket + mercurial (howeer I keep github mirrors of most things)12:54
prologicBut yes :)
prologicit is however a toy like it says and has no real use12:54
prologicand will likely die unless I find the time to reimplement it in RPython for example (the same framework the PyPy implementation uses)12:55
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ker2xok :)12:55
ker2xthank you12:55
ker2xi'll steal some of your idea :D12:56
ker2xhuh, lost my butbucket password12:57
prologicsteal? huh12:57
prologicmio-lang is MIT12:57
prologicgo nuts :)12:57
prologicalthough if you wanted to have some real fun and actually help me make it "useful"12:58
prologicyou could learn RPython and help port it to RPython :)12:58
prologicI've made about ~10-20% effort towards this already12:58
prologicbut much of the runtime and repl still needs to be ported12:58
ker2xi'll probably do a huge mess of your project12:59
ker2xbut i'm following it now12:59
ker2xso, perhaps12:59
ker2x ?13:00
ker2x ha, this13:00
ker2x Starred by 42 users 13:00
prologicnot the 2nd13:01
prologicbut yes the pypy developer docs is essential here13:01
prologicthe RPython toolchain is not for the faint hearted13:01
prologicit's quite low-level13:01
prologicin fact it's writing C with a Pythonic syntax13:02
ker2xwhy not, i tried to use tinyrb for lyly, but it's too tiny13:02
prologicand just so happens to be a great framework for implemeting high-level dynamic interpretered langauges13:02
prologice.g: Topaz, PyPy, Schema, JavaScript, Io13:02
prologicto name a few implementatuions thse use RPython13:02
prologiccheck their team account of repos13:02
prologicbtw some high level goals of my mio-lang13:03
prologicIo-ish obviously13:03
prologicwith some heavy Python influenece13:03
prologicand functional (but nore pure)13:03
ker2xwell immutability with a prototype oriented language could be a problem :D13:09
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prologichence no pure :)13:13
prologici.e: I want to fully support OO, Functional programming styles at first13:13
prologicthen either Event-Driven at a first clcass citizen13:13
prologicor as a library add-on13:13
ker2xmy problem here, i'm not sure i understand what i'm doing. it works, for now, because it's small :)13:15
ker2xho well, we'll see13:16
ker2xbut i love my idea of built-in repl. modify the program while it's running, which is super simple since it's homoiconic13:17
prologicit's a nice feature13:17
prologicbut honestly you woudln't necessarily depend on this for production systems13:17
prologicand it has dangers of it's own :)13:17
prologicotoh I do like the Io-style and grammar (most of it)13:18
jersomeone finally made an idea i've been trying to find time to build for 2 1/2 years... http://dringend.cc13:18
jerit's almost exactly what i had planned, except it lacks a debugger13:18
jerker2x, that may be super simple, but it's also insufficient13:22
jerit doesn't handle multiline cases, encoding issues, ...13:22
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ker2xthe language doesn't handle it anyway13:22
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ker2xthe parser sux a lot. it works, sometime13:24
ker2xho well, i have to go13:26
ker2xsee you later. thx for the fun !13:26
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