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draknoirHi, what's the purpose of @, @@?07:44
prologicasync message send07:46
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draknoirYes, I'll just assume that one is async send and the other async feature... thanks08:08
prologicI'm sure the docs explain the two symbols :)08:43
prologicSends asynchronous message to an object, returns a FutureProxy. 08:44
prologicSame as Object @, but returns nil instead of FutureProxy. 08:44
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ker2xprologic: i cloned mio-lang, i'll see what's happening13:17
prologiccool :)13:18
ker2xi'm goot at generating lots of errors with it :)13:24
ker2xpkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: pip==1.113:24
prologic./ && fab develop13:26
ker2xwell, i'll see when i won't be busy installing hadoop at the same time13:26
ker2xprologic: this error was generated by bootstrap :)13:26
ker2xactually, i should do this on my mac13:28
ker2xit should works on mac too, isn't it ?13:28
prologicI don't believe you :)13:28
prologicwhat kind of weird ass python environment do you have? :)13:28
prologicThis works perfectly fine on Linux OS(es) and Darwin/BSD OS(es)13:29
prologicwith Python 2.7.x13:29
prologicAre you even using a virtualenv?13:29
prologicoh wonderful13:30
prologicyou even have a slightly different curl13:30
prologicthat is somehow different to that of my LInux desktop13:30
prologicand OS X Desktop at work13:30
ker2xi'll install on my mac13:30
prologicand use virtualenv13:30
prologicgo set yourself up with a proper virtualenv + virtualenvwrapper python deve environment13:31
prologicor you'll just keep running into troubles :)13:31
prologicany Python work I do I always ensure I do in a virtualenv -- only way you can ensure consistency13:31
ker2xsure, or it wouldn't be fun :)13:31
prologicotherwise if you're happy to litter your python sinstall13:31
prologicjust run: python install13:31
prologicand go nuts13:31
prologicyou can even:13:32
prologicpip install mio-lang13:32
prologicas in it's published up on pypi13:33
ker2xinstalling mercurial -_-'13:34
prologicyou clone the repo13:36
prologicbut didn't have mercurial installed yet? :)13:36
prologicanyway I'm off to bed13:36
prologicyou have fun :)13:36
ker2xno, on my mac :)13:36
prologicoh :)13:36
ker2xi cloned it on my linux :)13:36
prologicjust some helpful links :)13:39
prologichave fun :)13:39
ker2xi was reading hackercodex :)13:39
ker2xbecause : no pip, no virtualenv, nothing :)13:39
prologic <-- oh the mio tutorial :)13:40
ker2xand no brew \o/13:40
prologicyeah well get your python house in order first :)13:41
prologicthen setup mio-lang dev env13:41
prologicand pypy/rpython13:41
prologicclone pypy repo and you shoudl eb good to go13:41
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ker2xwe'll see that. i never developped anything on my mac :)13:42
prologicset /path/to/pypy in mio-lang/fabfile/compile.py13:42
prologicanyway g'night :)13:42
prologicI'll see how you went in the mroning (my morning) :)13:42
prologic+10GMT here13:43
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prologicker2x, how'd it go? :)19:51
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