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ker2xit works07:27
ker2xprologic: poke !07:28
ker2xbut i won't have much time to work on it actually, i need to learn scala @work :)07:28
prologicker2x, pong07:31
ker2xso, yes, it works07:40
prologicawesome :)07:40
prologicnow help me port it to RPython :)07:40
ker2xi just have a question. if i modify the source, what to i need to do to "rebuild" it ?07:41
ker2xfab build ?07:41
prologicno nothing07:45
prologicas long as you did "fab develop" in the first place07:45
ker2xeven better :D07:45
prologicand you have a virtualenv proper07:45
ker2xyes, i did07:45
ker2xyes, i do :)07:45
prologicyou only need to run "fab compile" if you want to try compiling with RPython07:45
ker2xho ok, thank you07:45
prologicso it depends07:46
prologicwhat failed?07:46
prologicfab compile?07:46
ker2xconnection refused on localhost07:46
prologicalso: fab help:compile07:46
ker2xheh, look like openssh isn't running on my mac07:46
prologicoh :007:47
prologicit compiles under an ssh session07:47
prologicbecause well umm07:47
prologicjust because07:47
prologicno there was a really good reason07:47
ker2xbecause fab :)07:47
prologicbut yeah :)07:47
prologicalso you need your own key in your own authorized_keys file07:47
prologicyes because of some stupid pty thing with fabric07:47
prologicsome isolation thing that was easier to do with fab.remote07:47
prologicrather than fab.local07:47
ker2xmkvirtualenv not found07:51
ker2xmmm yes, i used virtualenv to create it07:51
prologicif you know the tests pass07:52
prologicyou can pass fab compile:tests=no,...07:52
prologicyeah make sure you setup virtualenvwrapper07:52
prologicpip install virtualenvwrapper07:52
prologicdo this in your /usr/local/bin python07:52
prologici.e: outside of any virtualenv07:52
prologicand setup a .bashrc to source the virtualenvwrapper.sh07:53
prologicthe fabric tasks depend on it07:53
prologicperhaps I could adapt the tasks to support virauelenv07:53
prologicif virtualenvwrapper functions don't exist07:53
ker2xok :)07:55
ker2xi have a problem with it08:04
ker2xi'll see later :-/08:04
ker2xthank you08:05
prologicker2x, ok08:20
prologicker2x, tell me about the problem when you're back08:20
ker2xi installed virtualenvwrapper, put /usr/local/bin/ in /etc/bashrc08:29
ker2xi can actually run mkvirtualenv but when i run fab compile it can't find it08:30
prologictry /etc/profile instead08:36
prologicI think there's some issue where bashrc is only sources in some circumstances08:36
prologicand /etc/profile in others08:36
prologici.e: login shell vs. shell08:36
prologicI believe I source mine via ~/.profile08:37
ker2xno module name virtualenvwrapper08:43
ker2xwell, wait08:43
ker2xif i put _lazy i get a command not found08:43
ker2xif i put i get a python error08:44
prologiclet me see if I can improve how that works maybe08:49
prologicI think the way I have mine setup08:49
prologicis via a source line in ~/.profile08:49
prologicI have an identical setup on my OS X iMac at work too08:50
prologicwith a virtualenv $HOME08:51
prologicso my home directory is it's own virtualenv08:51
prologicand that's where I installed virtualenvwrapper.sh08:51
prologicobviously I have $HOME/bin in my $PATH08:51
prologicas first precedence08:51
ker2xok thanks, i'll see what i can do. i really need to work now :)08:52
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