IRC Logs for #io Wednesday, 2014-05-28

staplere.g. lua00:01
pdurbinprologic: you still gonna give me that text?00:07
staplercan i build an io project?00:15
prologicpdurbin: sorry dude have had other things on my mind :)00:18
prologicremind me on #circuits and I’ll tryr to get it to you tonight :)00:18
prologicI actually have to rebuild it in this particular case00:18
prologicbut maybe you could throw me your little d3 js/html and I can see if I cna nicorporate it into some system, e;g: kdb or sahriswiki and see what either of those systems look like :)00:19
prologicone thing I’ve always wante dto do as well is design/write a component that lets you visulaize the flow of events in a circuits-based app in more or less realtime00:19
prologicsort of like a fancier Debugger()00:20
pdurbinwould look nice in d300:21
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prologicsend me what you’ve got00:59
prologicI’ll adapt it :)00:59
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pdurbinprologic: you can just "view source" on this: http://irc.greptilian.com01:29
prologicokie dokie01:34
prologicyou haven’t commited it anywehre?01:34
prologicor created  gist? :)01:35
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pdurbinprologic: it's based on this:
pdurbinD3 Force Diagram Template with CSV files -
prologicAhh nice02:00
stapler= vs := vs ::=?02:13
prologicthis is very well documented on the guide02:21
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staplerhow do i bind libraries16:36
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staplerhow would i bind a c/++ library?22:22
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