IRC Logs for #io Thursday, 2014-05-29

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stapler<stapler> how would i bind a c/++ library?01:36
prologicstapler: I’d look at the source code to one of the existing addons.01:40
prologicMany of them wrap existing C libraries01:40
prologicunfortuantely I cannot find docs on the website about this01:40
prologicso you’ll have to dig through the source tree01:40
prologicThere is also a C FFI object in the stndard library afaik01:40
prologicbut no doc strings for it :/01:42
prologicyou’ll have to inspect the oobject to see how it’s used01:42
stapleralso, is io production ready?01:43
staplerif not, are there any languages similar that are (smalltalk?)01:44
prologicdefinre “production ready"01:45
staplerfast, scales, won't crash on me01:45
staplersorry for all the questions.01:46
staplerreally looking into io.01:46
prologicfast compared to what?01:46
prologicscales - sure it can scale01:46
prologicit has a nice multi-state vm design with coroutines01:46
prologicand actor based concurrency01:46
prologicas wel as asynchronousn messaging01:46
prologicscalability (vertical) is not a problem for Io01:47
prologicwon’t crash?01:47
prologicAny program writtne in any programming langauge *can crash*01:47
prologicYou should design contingines01:47
prologicand assume at some point your software system *will crash*01:47
prologicPerformance and Reliablty are things that no programming lanauge can really solve - it’s a design and architecture problem01:48
prologicif you want a faul tolerant system then you need to design one :)01:48
staplerwas doing some testing with luvit and when i hit like01:49
stapler5000 concurrent connections, it crashed01:49
stapleretc etc01:49
staplerreliable i should say01:49
stapleralso, how should i handle constructors?01:49
prologicthat’s part of the language01:50
prologiclook up the reference/guide01:50
staplercan init take arguments01:50
prologicany OOP langauge has constructors :)01:50
prologicI believe it can01:50
prologicbe useless otherwise :)01:50
prologicalso if you’re trying to build a software system that handles > 1000 concurrent conenctions01:50
prologicyou will eventually run into some system limtiations01:50
prologicand you may need to start tweaking kernel configurations and other things01:51
prologicout of the box almost no system will cope with high concurrent lodas without good configuration01:51
prologicyou’ll need to play with maximum file descriptor limits and other network settings01:51
prologicand that’s only scaling vertically01:51
prologicideally one should also scale horiziaontally01:52
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