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robonerdhey jer, what're your thoughts on javascript as a language?19:56
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jerrobonerd, barf20:28
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robonerdjer, can you expand on that ?20:52
robonerdi want to learn swift, and i need to learn js for web front end, so i was thinking save myself having to learn ruby or python and use js on server too20:52
jerthe problems with javascript are well documented20:53
jerstart with "js wat" on google and go from there20:53
jerif you're looking for a good server backend language to learn, i'd strongly suggest scala20:54
robonerdi just can't get into the jvm20:54
jeryou have access to the jvm, plus a wide swath of code written in scala itself20:54
robonerdotherwise i would20:54
jerstrong strong type system20:54
jeryou don't have to20:54
robonerdyea but i have to run the jvm to run scala no?20:54
jerthe volume of scala code that's out there is surely sufficient for most server stuff20:54
jerwell yes20:54
jerbut that's not a big deal20:54
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prologicI personally would recommend Python myself22:14
prologicbut ofc that comes with it's own bias :)22:14
prologicloads of code out there for all kinds of things, great ecosystem22:14
prologicand an awesome langauge22:14
prologicvery little in the "wat" department22:14
prologicjs/ruby/php unfortunately are quite terrible in their semantics "wt"22:14
pdurbinjer: I forgot or didn't know you were a scala guy. It's being used more at work.22:18
pdurbinrobonerd: no love for the jvm? :)22:18
robonerdnah 22:18
robonerdare there open jvm implementations that run on unix?22:19
pdurbinit's growing on me a bit22:19
pdurbinrobonerd: sure, yum or apt-get openjdk22:19
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jerpdurbin, i'm not really a scala guy, but if i were aiming to build servers, scala would be my first choice23:05
jerpdurbin, all that said, i quite like rust23:06
jerand if swift ever becomes open source, i'd gladly liberate it from the objc runtime, and make a real language out of it23:06
prologicI think we should just sit down and design and implement our own language :)23:07
robonerdwell isn't the swift lang spec open for implementations?23:08
robonerdgrab llvm and just make an open source swift implementation23:08
robonerdit's literally 1. build a lex/parser per the swift lang spec. 2. convert to llir. 3. run23:09
prologicit's step 2 that's the hardest :)23:13
jertee hee... "Thank you, unfortunately this area is out of our price range. However, we are happy to talk if you would consider less money."23:19
jerumm... nope!23:19
jerrobonerd, actually step 2 isn't even possible23:20
jerswift cannot be mapped to straight llvm ir23:20
jerswift has a sif middle layer which compiles to llvm23:20
jerswift -> sif -> llvm -> machine code23:20
jeryeah propertiary and closed source23:20
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