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pdurbinjer: right, I remember you saying you like rust better than go00:54
pdurbinI want to hear what all you language nerds^H^H^H^H^Henthusiasts think of
pdurbinplease note that there are many sub articles linked from that post00:56
jerpdurbin, yeah i do00:58
pdurbinthat guy isn't so into go either01:03
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robonerdi decided on js, and not because i think it's the best language03:22
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pdurbinrobonerd: for what? a webapp you're writing?12:19
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robonerdpdurbin yea i'll use it for interactive web site elements (browser) and web apps (server)19:10
robonerdi got node.js and express (a minimal mvc framework) up and running last night. 19:11
robonerdi also watched a few in depth videos re: js. definitely seems like a language with warts19:11
robonerdstrangely it reminds me of io somewhat. being prototypal19:11
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pdurbinright. both prototype based21:46
pdurbinrobonerd: I'm wondering if you looked at as an alternative to express21:47
robonerdno i havent. i'm literally 20 hours into deciding to use js21:49
robonerdi'm too new to judge for myself, what's superior about hapi over express?21:50
robonerdso you can understand my style: i don't like a framework style like rails where you're inside of a box that does a lot for you. i prefer to be outside of a box, and use tools which only make it easier to do things, not do things for me21:50
robonerdin other words, i don't like convention because that imposes 'opinions'/decisions for me21:51
robonerdi'd rather build with tools, than operate inside of a box 21:51
robonerdhopefully this makes sense21:51
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robonerdpdurbin does taht make sense?21:57
prologicrobonerd, what you are after in fact is not a framework at all22:01
prologicbut a set of tools and libraries22:01
prologicalso micro web frameworks try to offer this in different ways22:01
robonerdyes that's correct, and great that you know the distinction between framework and library22:01
prologici.e: not getting in your way or locking you in too much22:01
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pdurbinrobonerd: sure. makes sense. I thought express was a framework but maybe it's "micro" :)22:28
robonerdya could be. i don't know enough yet to know really22:29
pdurbinrobonerd: in what language did you form your opinions about the size of the framework?22:29
pdurbinrobonerd: did you use ruby and find rails too big?22:44
robonerdohh, yea i used ruby/rails in the past, years back22:44
robonerdtons of convention, magic. not my style22:44
pdurbinrobonerd: and was sinata better? if you tried that.23:00
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robonerdi didn't try it, however if i had chosen ruby i would certainly be using sinatra. or webmachine23:12
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robonerdsee webmachine is actually a great example imo of the style of platform tool i like23:12
robonerdit takes the http protocol, event driven model, and gives it a thin and /literal/ abstraction layer23:13
robonerdto me that's a powerful tool, vs environment23:13
robonerdi can take http, and do anything /i want/ with it23:14
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pdurbinhuh. but webmachine is in erlang:
pdurbinoh, I see, there's a ruby port:
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prologiceverything you’ve said so far robonerd 23:56
prologicit precisely what circuits (for Python) is all about :)23:56
prologicyou should try circuits.web :)23:56
prologicgives you http, event-driven basic ways of routing requests23:57
prologicanything else is up to you :)23:57

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