IRC Logs for #io Monday, 2014-09-08

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prologicjer: hey :) interviews go well?04:39
prologicio: was thinking last night / this morning — I don’t suppose you’d be interested at all in actually helping me write my mio-rewrite implemtnation? :)04:40
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jerprologic, next one is wednesday, and yeah so far going great07:37
jerand no not really interested in that atm07:38
jer1:40am time to sleep07:38
prologicjer, no worries :)08:25
prologicgood luck again :)08:25
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prologicjer: quick question. if I’m parsing an Io-style grammar with the eventual goal of compiling the ast to a sequence of bytecode instructions; why do I need to build a parse tree? why can’t we just have a linear list of messages?23:00
prologicin my first attempt (pure python); I built a parse tree with messages pointing from one to the next, etc with an evaluator; but really this simply boils down (or could) to a list of messages with the evaulator operating on a sequence of messages23:01

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