IRC Logs for #io Wednesday, 2014-09-10

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prologicjer, almost have my parser complete with rpython translation almost fully there.07:06
prologicjer, there is something I have been a bit confused / puzzlied over and it's this:07:06
prologicsource -> tokens -> ast -> bytecode07:06
prologicwhich eventually gets interpreted by a machine of some kind (the interpreter)07:06
prologicdo we then normally re-create objects that represent our runtime model(s) based on the bytecodes we previously compiled?07:07
prologicit seems like we end up doubling up a bit ihmo where the AST and the Object Model(s) are pretty similar07:07
prologicwhere one of the only differences is the AST can probably just represent the structure and emit bytecodes (compile)07:08
prologicwhilst our object model(s) hold/represent behavior(s) of our tuntime; e.g: lookups, setting/adding attributes, etc07:08
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