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IoNovicehey guys i am trying to do a simple array sort with the elements of the array taken in as command line arguments. I keep getting a value of nan mixed into my sorted array. I can not figure out how to test for nan. Any hints? Here is my code
IoNoviceFor instance with my input on the command line: io 3 20 21 22 25 4 2 I get: list(nan, 2, 3, 4, 20, 21, 22, 25)13:59
fredreichbierIoNovice, hi!14:01
fredreichbierIoNovice, i think the "nan" is because of the first item in System args which is in your case14:01
IoNoviceok I was wondering about that. Is there a way to test whether a value is nan or even better begin a loop at 1 instead of 014:03
fredreichbierIoNovice, there is `isNan`:
fredreichbierand there is `slice` to create a sublist14:04
IoNovicefredreichbier:  thanks a lot this should get me what I want14:05
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