IRC Logs for #io Thursday, 2014-09-18

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prologicfirst mio program :)13:43
prologicwith an RPython built interpreter13:44
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jerprologic, nice14:28
prologicyeah I think so :)14:31
prologicat least I'm pretty proud to have gotten this far with a real interpreter14:31
prologicnot just some shitty one written in pure Python that's 700x slower :)14:31
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prologicjer, ihmo bytecode seems to be part of the design pattern of many language interpreters for two reasons afict: a) to flatten the parse tree making interpreter easier/faster and b) caching21:14
jeryeah, usually a21:16
prologicI kind of get the point21:16
prologicalso I'm finding (at least in this implemtnation) that message evaluation is quite similar to function evaluation?21:17
prologicand I did need a POP instruction to discard unwanted results from message evaluations whilst pushing others onto the stack for arguments for a future message21:18
jerprologic, message evaluation is exactly a function 21:28
jerwith on caveat, there are two implicit params -- the target of the message, and the call frame (io's Call object)21:28
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prologicjer: care to comment on and
prologicwould appreciate any insight/advice you might have23:48
prologicI’d hate to back myself into corners I can’t get out of :)23:48
prologicit’s still early days so there’s still time to change things23:48
prologicI’m still thinking about a register based vm too :)23:49
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