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jabb_after getting a slot thats a block, how do i execute it? (Object getSlot("println"), for example)09:29
jabb_Object getSlot(name) execute09:29
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jabb_also, what's the best way to check a local if it exists, say a function fails to return something (find something)10:25
jabb_if (returnValue, ...)? because doesn't that search the method's object if you're inside an object10:25
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prologicI mean <message>?11:48
prologiciirc the syntax denotes ? as special11:48
jabb_does clone clone absolutely everything or are references to object kept? (is it a deep copy?)12:12
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prologicit's more of a reference iirc19:53
prologicprototypal inheritenace chain and lookups19:53
jerjabb_, reference types are all io supports19:55
jeralso as part of io's differential inheritance system, when you clone an object here's what happens, exactly, 100% of the time assuming nobody's overrode clone19:55
jer1) b := a clone; 2) setSlot("b", a clone); 3) creates a new empty object descended from the thing that a points at. That is tos ay, the object 'b' points at, is empty. No data is copied over, but item 0 in the protos list, points at 'a'19:57
jerexample: a := Object clone do(foo := 42); b := a clone19:57
jerb slotNames detect(== "foo") will return nil. however, if you: b getSlot("foo") you'll get the exact object that lives on 'a'. i.e., b getSlot("foo") == a getSlot("foo")19:58
jerthis works because b protos at(0) == a19:58
jeroh sorry, and to my list above, 1, 2, 3 there is a step 4; init will be called on b after the clone is done19:58
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prologicit helps to have implemented (ableit poorly) Io-ish languages :)21:32
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