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prologicjer, so two things specifically I'm having trouble with (or have noticed). a) I'm finding that my interpreter has to be both a bytecode interpreter as well as an ast walker. e.g: you want lazy evaluated arguments to blocks/methods. b) I think because of a my compiler doesn't compile the ast properly :)03:26
jerprologic, so define your lazily evaluated arguments differently03:35
jeri.e., perhaps prefix them with some syntax03:35
jera sigil even03:35
jeri.e., foo := method(a, $b, b? + a) as a contived example... basically, b would be nil if not supplied03:35
jererr more accurately03:36
jerfoo := method(a, $b, b doInContext(self) + a)03:36
jergiven that b would be a message03:36
jershould solve your b) issue03:36
jerwon't solve a)03:36
prologicwon't we still end up with a bytecode interpreter and ast walker though?03:49
prologicat least in the case of for example set("foo", method(a, b, a +(b))) (ignoring for the moment we have no operator shuffling/rewriting)03:50
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prologichere's a live idea of what I'm trying to say03:55
jerprologic, yes of course04:37
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prologichi sorry back08:16
prologicwas out for a while :)08:16
prologicyes of course to the bytecode interpreter + tree walker interpreter ?08:16
prologicI don't think there's a way to avoid that without coming up with syntax/grammar for methods/blocks which makes the grammar and compiler more complicated08:16
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prologicI changed loc and added a new bytecode instructions11:59
prologicand it seems to have fixed my problem11:59
prologicat least in the tests I've thrown at it so far11:59
prologicsample run ^^^12:01
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jerprologic, cool14:33
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jeryour first bytecode should seriously consider just mirroring the steps you use to create the AST, deriving a calculus from that and using that as your bytecode format. perhaps actually write it out in a format that's quick to process (avoid text) (version it ffs!!!) and over time, you can start to optimize things better for performance -- deriving some of those steps into more basic instructions14:43
jerwhich more clearly map to hardware14:43
jerimprove your chance for optimization14:43
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prologicjer, right :)20:54
prologicthanks for the hints :)20:54
prologicvery helpful20:54
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