IRC Logs for #io Thursday, 2014-10-23

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prologicjer: how would you go about making proper math expressions works such as:23:18
prologicx := 523:18
prologic0 < x < 1023:18
prologic10 < x < 523:18
jerprologic, pretty simply actually23:26
prologicI was thinking more term rewriting :)23:26
prologic0 < x < 10 transformed into 0 < x || x < 1023:26
jer< := method(x, if(self lessThanPrimitive(x) == true, self, false))23:27
jerand false < := method(x, false)23:27
prologicI didn’t think of that23:27
prologicnice one :)23:28
jeryeah, that has broad implications though23:28
jerboolean operations can have more than 2 values23:28
prologicof course23:28
prologicjer: my rewrite of mio is coming along nicely too btw :)23:33
prologicthings are getting easier and easier :)23:33
prologicI want to add support for stop state(s) and continuations next :)23:34
jeri'm deep into type systems at the moment23:43
jertrying to derive a new type system23:43
jerthat as far as i can tell, has never existed before23:43
jerone which can formally prove control flow23:44
prologiccan you elaboarate?23:44
jernot a whole lot, still running into many problems =]23:44
prologicok nps :)23:44
jerright now it's just a "wonder if this is possible"23:45
jerso purity of function is required naturally23:45
prologicyou know how Io has stop states and various methods to set the current stop status on the current context used by while/for, etc… I’ve been thinking (I did the same in my pure python mio a while back); I don’t think it’s needed really if you implement proper continuations and your flow constructs in the language itself — I think you can get away without it right?23:46

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