IRC Logs for #io Sunday, 2015-01-18

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pdurbinjer: happy new year13:27
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pdurbinjer: any news on swift?20:10
jerpdurbin, in what sense?20:22
pdurbinjer: oh, I thought you were starting to work on it or something20:25
jeroh ah, no i didn't have an existing work visa in place, and the positions they were interested in me for, couldn't wait for the process to finish20:27
jeri start work at shutterfly at the end of the month20:27
pdurbinthat's cool. we got a lot of nice xmas cards made with shutterfly20:28
jeryeah, sounds like my first project is going to be making a lot of images load really fast over the wire on a mobile device20:30
jerand i have the freedom to invent a new protocol if needed =]20:30
jerthis is the kind of job i want to do =]20:30
pdurbinnot gonna use spdy/http2 ?20:31
jernever say never =]20:31
jerobviously ideally leverge something that exists20:31
jeri haven't started working there yet so will get a better idea what the goals are when i get there20:31
pdurbinare you wrapping up other projects? taking time off?20:33
jeri left quirky on wednesday20:40
jerso right now, i'm focusing on setting up things to move to the US later this year20:43
jerbuy a house in south carolina20:43
pdurbinand say goodbye to the rain forests, I guess20:56
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jerwell to be fair, i live in the city here =]21:08
jeri do live next to a tropical forest however, but it's merely the wildlife corridor that cuts through the city21:09
jergoes from the east to the north west21:09
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jerfun fact, there's a family of oncilla's about 100 meters away from my house =p21:12
pdurbinjer: nice21:30
jeryeah, they're a little annoying though.21:30
jernot really dangerous, except to the dog.21:30
pdurbinannoying? loud or something?21:31
jeryeah when they're looking for a mate21:35
jerthey growl something fierce21:35
pdurbinexotic and fun, though21:51
jerthey call them tigrillo's here22:02
jerbasically the size of a large but sleek cat with a really long tail for balance22:02
jeras i say, not really dangerous22:02
pdurbinmaybe for an infant22:08
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pdurbinjer: if you invent a new protocol, will it be an open standard?22:28
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