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miasmahi there, io's still alive?21:15
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miasmathis has probably been asked million times, but i was curious about sandboxing some Io program21:29
miasmaso I guess a simple way to do that would be to hide the references to the core objects that you want to protect21:30
miasmaor use the removeSlots method21:30
miasmabut then again, I totally forgot how the imports work in Io. the documents didn't explain it to me. e.g. if I hide Core, how can I still access Date21:31
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jeralright, so io's inheritance model pretty much doesn't allow you (or rather makes it hard to) hide certain things22:20
jermethods aren't copied to subclasses, nor is there any special machinery in the lookup logic to make inheritance works22:20
jerit simply walks the list22:20
jerdepth first22:20
jerif you have an object and you say removeSlot("removeSlot") you'll still be able to call removeSlot22:21
jersince your object still inherits from the object which defines it22:21
jernow you could hack a primitive into the runtime on Object that says "ignoreSlot" which will cause the lookup mechanism to fail if the slot being looked up is in that list22:21
jerbut it doesn't currently exist22:22
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miasmajer: how about hiding stuff like IO objects?23:28
miasmaat the beginning when the VM is up, modify the builtin objects so that all of them lose references to IO stuff23:29
miasmai guess eventually no object refers to IO anymore so it cannot be called23:29
miasmajer: what about the imports? how do they work? i kind of assumed if you e.g. reassign something to Core, the "contents" also disappear23:30
miasmai mean e.g. Data wouldn't be available23:31
miasmain some Java style languages you would do import std.lang.Core;23:31
miasmathen import Core.Date;23:31
miasmai tried to manipulate various methods in the Lobby and Object, but a reference to Date still succeeded23:32
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miasmaah nevermind23:50
miasmaso there's some circular thing going on23:50
miasmaObject -> Lobby -> Protos -> Core -> Object23:51
miasmaso yea, basically masking stuff from Core hides it23:53

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