IRC Logs for #io Friday, 2015-01-30

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jersorry i was away05:27
jeryeah so, check-egg problem wrt inheritance05:28
jerLobby depends on (indirectly) Object, and Object forwards to the Lobby05:28
jerProtos -> Core is a relatively recent addition (in terms of active development of io)05:28
jeralso importing in io works relatively differently than any other language05:30
jerexplicit imports are almost never needed05:30
jerfor when all other avenues to find a slot fail, if the slot begins wtih an upper case character, we'll look in your current directory, as well as any known locations (search paths we call them) for a loadable file with that name05:31
jeri.e., if you say: Foo bar05:31
jerif Foo isn't already known in io05:31
jerwe'll look in the current dir for, if it's found, load it and try lookup again05:31
jerrepeat ad infinium for all the search paths; first match wins05:31
jerbut in the case you do want to explicitly import something, doFile() is used05:31
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miasmajer: yea no prob, i figured it out. what about the search. you said it's a depth first search for symbols. i guess it after one round if the protos form a cycle?11:11
miasma*it quits11:11
miasmain case no symbol with that name is found11:11
miasmai think i was trying Io last time in 2008 or so. clearly changed a bit11:15
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jermiasma, no, the lookup is smart enough to break cycles14:13
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