IRC Logs for #io Sunday, 2015-03-08

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jerholy crap homebrew has started to pick costa rican mirrors that are giving me isdn speeds21:32
pdurbinjer: good thing you're moving soon21:32
jeryeah probably ~december though21:32
jerjust trying to get an mqtt broker down ffs =/21:35
pdurbinI'm tethered to my phone at a coffee shop but it's fast enough for IRC. :)21:38
jeri was surprised at my data usage this past week21:53
jeri was in NYC from Sunday to Friday, and i consumed over 2gb of data21:54
jerglad i don't live in the US right now, i'd go through probably 6 to 8 gb of data a month21:54
jerat least here in .cr, no bandwidth limits, just speed caps21:55
jerso 4Mbps speed, unlimited bandwidth21:55
pdurbinmeh, at home and work I'm mostly on all-you-can-eat wifi21:55
jerthat's part of my problem, i dont use wifi on my phone much21:56
jeras no matter where i am, it's almost always faster to be on cellular data21:57
jerLTE (US) / 3G (Costa Rica)21:57
jeri mean my house in .cr has 10 mbps but it's shared amongst a few streaming devices, and N computers21:57
jerso it degrades21:57
jeri almost always get a minimum 3.5Mbps on cellular data, with low latency21:58
pdurbinI don't pay much attention to my cellular speeds. I have a cheap plan and I'm capped at 2 or 5 GB so I try not to use it too heavily.22:01
pdurbinon the plus side, I only pay $30 per month for my phone plan. unlimited text22:02
jeri pay about $7/mo for my data plan =]22:03
jerand $12/mo for my calling plan22:03
jerthird world has some benefits22:03
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