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lewis1711why does "2 slotNames" return an empty list?16:48
jerbecause 2 has no slots17:31
jerit's literally an empty object, whose internal contents point at the C type "2.0"17:31
jerand it inherits everything its protos can do; so you want something like, 2 protos map(slotNames) flatten17:32
jeralso, note that io uses a differential inheritance mechanism, which means, all objects are new empty objects, with the same structure as all other objects, and only differ from the objects that they were cloned from by things you add to them later17:33
jercase in point: A := Object clone do(a := 1); B := A clone17:33
jerA will have 1 slot, "a", and if you call A a you'll get 117:33
jerB has 0 slots, but descends from A, you can also call it "B a" to get 117:33
lewis1711jer, right, but the protos of "2" are just list(0)17:35
lewis1711and the protos of 0 are... list(0)17:35
jerbut not really17:35
jerNumber will show up as 017:35
jerit's a little quirk17:35
jerto find out why, run: Number asString17:35
jerin the repl17:35
jerit outputs 017:35
lewis1711oh it's just the way it prints17:35
lewis1711right that clears that up, because I did "2 type"17:36
lewis1711and saw all the slots17:36
jeralso not exactly rocket science or io related, but i feel like sharing: =D17:39
jerfinally got my first hacked together kernel running on my raspberry pi17:39
jerand outputting text over serial17:39
lewis1711I think I kind of get the design decision. Numbers all have to point to some object. and that object has to have state. so why not 0. or something17:40
jeryeah so numbers are a bit suquirlly17:40
jeroutside of a small range, i think it's -10 to +250 or something like that17:40
jernew objects are created each time you use that number (they're not constant)17:40
jeri.e., 234234 <-- is never pointing at the same thing twice17:40
jerunless you've stored it somewhere17:40
jerbut yes, all numbers are objects17:41
jerand pure objects like every other object17:41
lewis1711what's the deal with protos of "true"18:19
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jerwhat do you mean?18:26
lewis1711jer, it's huge. usually when I ask about the proto of an object, it's something tiny18:28
lewis1711is this just what it looks like right at the top? it's the same for Core18:28
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jerok well18:36
jerthe whole hierarchy is complex18:36
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jerfor instance, Object lives in a slot on Core, which lives in a slot on Protos, which lives in a slot on Lobby18:37
jerand to make matters more complicated, Lobby inherits from Object :)18:37
lewis1711I see (: was trying to see the big picture18:48
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