IRC Logs for #io Thursday, 2015-05-07

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fugueJust a bit of news, Io has been added to the praxis live coding environment22:19
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prologicnice :)22:25
prologicit's well suited to live coding environments too :)22:25
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fugueIt is indeed :)22:31
fugueI like how function asString returns the function source code22:32
fugueAll the languages added to praxis are introspective at least to that extent22:33
fugues7 Lisp has (procedure-source), Ficl Forth has SEE, Lua has debug.getinfo22:34
prologicyeah it is nice tbh23:05
prologicI should get back to mio myself23:05
prologicI've been trying to develop an Io-ish like language for the past few years23:05
prologicit's hard though23:05

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