IRC Logs for #io Sunday, 2015-05-24

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xyhfail to build ::
xyhpdurbin: any ideas ?23:29
xyhpdurbin is a bot ~ ?23:30
pdurbinmaybe someone should set up travis builds23:30
xyhlots of unclosed issues there23:31
pdurbinxyh: did you put the commit you're on in the issue? you should23:32
xyhthat is a fresh clone23:33
xyhI remember I were able build it sometime ago.23:39
pdurbinxyh: did anything change on your machine?23:40
xyhit is archlinux, it is changing every day23:41
xyhno worry anymore, I will use an older version in archlinux's package for now :)23:41
xyhbye friends, I ll come back after I learn more io ^-^23:45
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