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sanctifiedI need help ;(12:04
sanctifiedWhat does this do?12:05
sanctifiedpostOffice packageSender := method(call sender)12:05
sanctifiedin the documentation: call senderlocals object of caller12:05
sanctifiedcall sender = locals object of caller12:05
sanctifiedBut I guess, I don't understand the underlying concept. 12:05
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sanctifiedLMK if anyone can help me with some basic questions regarding Io12:15
sanctifiedOkay, I think I have wrapped my head around it. Just want to make sure.12:56
sanctifiedtime for a little StarCraft break ;x12:56
pdurbinsanctified: what was it?13:03
sanctifiedJust trying to wrap my head around call and self slots13:45
sanctifiedpostOffice packageSender := method(call sender)13:45
sanctifiedI was questioning what call sender did13:45
sanctifiedAnother example:13:48
sanctifiedunless := method(13:48
sanctified(call sender doMessage(call message argAt(0))) ifFalse(13:48
sanctifiedcall sender doMessage(call message argAt(1))) ifTrue(13:48
sanctifiedcall sender doMessage(call message argAt(2)))13:48
sanctifiedis it just specifying the object that called the method?13:49
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