IRC Logs for #io Tuesday, 2017-01-10

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armlesshoboI wrote a simple log library for Io as a project to learn how to use it02:15
armlesshoboand to contribute to Io if anyone finds it useful02:15
armlesshoboAny constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.02:15
pdurbinseems fine02:32
jerarmlesshobo, generally constructors are named with() not withThing() and in your withFile, i'd also recommend: Log clone do(<all your field setting here>)02:41
jerlet me see if i can make this more clear one sec02:41
jerarmlesshobo, also style wise, your LogLevel object, make its fields all lower case; upper case is generally reserved for top level objects you're meant to clone02:51
jereven though that's not enforced02:51
armlesshobojer: awesome, that's for the help03:34
jersure np03:57
armlesshoboI don't quite understand while the inner expression can't see file04:24
armlesshobounless I don't understand scoping in this language yet :P04:24
jerbecause it's not capturing the outer scope04:24
jerdo() is special04:24
jerinside with you have to do what you were doing initially04:25
jerbecause of file04:25
armlesshoboahh ok04:25
armlesshobojer: for the trace/debug/etc fields should I return nil?04:45
armlesshoboright now, they return true/false04:46
armlesshobowhich doesn't make sense04:47
jeryou want to return self if you have nothing sensical to return -- so that callers may chain calls04:56
jerwhich granted, i'm not sure chaining makes sense for a logging library, but whatever =]04:56
armlesshoboyeah, that was my thought04:58
jerwe dont have a unit type, so self is the next best thing04:59
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armlesshobothe link in the topic points to a missing resource22:13

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