IRC Logs for #io Monday, 2017-06-05

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m3ltcan someone give me an example/link/similar of multiple inheritance in Io?17:20
m3ltOmega protos = list(Alpha,Omega) is my take on it17:37
m3ltOmega is created with17:38
m3ltOmega := Alpha clone17:38
m3ltOmega protos = list(Alpha,Beta) //sorry, typo at 19:3617:39
m3ltOmega foo // works as expected (foo is from Alpha)17:40
m3ltOmega bar // does not work (bar is from Beta)17:41
m3ltI fucked up 'Omega protos = list(Alpha,Beta)' therefore...17:41
m3ltOmega appendProto(Beta) // seems to be correct18:22
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