IRC Logs for #io Saturday, 2017-09-30

jerthinking about making an Io processor again20:50
jerthis idea comes up every few years heh20:50
jerbasically a cpu that's able to take a simple version of io and provide you with something suitable for running code in20:50
jerbut then i get thinking about it, and realize that first i'd have to develop a machine level representation of what that looks like, abstract the iovm a bit to introduce another backend (basically something i can feed messages into and have it produce valid machine operations that correspond to the AST)20:51
jerfinally from that point i could start on a simulator probably in C to prove the machine20:52
jerbefore i could even begin to think about writing it into an fpga20:52
jer(which if you're not familiar, means breaking down the fundamental ops, what pieces of hardware i need to write in a totally different language, i.e., memories, execution units, etc)20:52
jerand trying to compress that into a little 35k LUT fpga i have kicking around20:53
jerthen it becomes a much bigger task =]20:53

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