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enkiv2are there any known issues with io's lookahead (for checking for deadlocks) with recursion?18:56
enkiv2 <-- this snippet produces an infinite loop19:00
enkiv2 <-- and this one never prints "end"19:02
enkiv2nevermind, that second one isn't right19:03
enkiv2so my actual code looks like this:
enkiv2the problem is that when widgetLint is a method I get an infinite loop (even though the hierarchy is only two items deep, and is zero items deep in the place where widgetLint is actually defined)19:07
enkiv2if i set widgetLint to be a block then nothing after "Recalculating..." is printed, and instead i get a message from the scheduler claiming that there's nothing else to run and exiting19:08
jeri don't see anything that does a: while(Scheduler yieldingCoros size > 1, yield)20:00
jerthink of that like a Thread.join20:00
jerin other languages20:00
jerthat's potentially useful for debugging purposes20:01
jersince recursion links coroutine stacks20:01
jerbut the message about the scheduler saying there's nothing else to run and exiting usually means you are missing that while() code i posted20:02
jerthat said, you aren't doing any coroutine work directly in your code, so this is potentially a bug20:02
jerbut try adding that at the end and see what it does20:02
jer"at the end" being at the end of your app code... as the last thing you expect your program to do20:02
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