IRC Logs for #io Friday, 2018-01-26

jerhe's probably getting hung up in the operator shuffling code -- not realizing that if you want to add a new operator, you have to do that in a separate file that's loaded before your code that uses it is15:08
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lucasbjer: I read your message in the irc log15:35
lucasbafter trying a little more yesterday, I now think setting new methods (&&, ||) for Object only is not enough. For some reason, it's also needed to set those methods in the singleton values 'true' and 'false'15:37
lucasbas in: true setSlot("||", true getSlot("or"))15:38
lucasbbecause those methods in true/false differs from the Object ones15:38
jerhonest to goodness, the way i'd implement || would be like this15:48
jerObject setSlot("||", method(x, self ifTrue(self) ifFalse(x)))15:49
jeri.e., use the facilities that already exist15:49
jerthen, provided your operator is shuffling properly, you should be able to do any arbitrary expression15:50
jeri.e., foo := "string"; processed = foo || "bar"15:50
lucasbthat makes sense. thanks for the snippet.15:51
jeri don't currently have an iovm on this machine, so i have not tested the above code, just worked out it should be correct =] so always test it for your inputs of course15:52
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io-github[13io] 15stevedekorte pushed 2 new commits to 06master: 02
io-github13io/06master 14807a3a9 15Lucas Buchala: Remove trailing ") from end of doc lines16:49
io-github13io/06master 14070e877 15Steve Dekorte: Merge pull request #376 from lucasbuchala/patch-1...16:49
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