IRC Logs for #io Tuesday, 2018-09-25

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Witmanhey, anyone willing to help me with an IO homework?17:56
Witmanim at the end of my wits17:56
jerWitman, IO or Io? this covers the Io programming language18:09
jerif it's within that context, i can try18:09
jerbut i'm in and out, so it may take a little bit for answers, depending on when you ask18:09
Witmanjer: yes, im asking about the lang18:09
Witmani have the following code:
Witmanand it dies on line 11, saying "Exception: nil does not respond to 'doInContext'"18:11
jerWitman, so i'm unable to run this to verify the exact cause, but this error would imply that there's no second argument given to the function, so no message is present in arg position 118:18
jerprobably due to the line: barry := PoorDog new("barry")18:19
Witmanjer: yes, that's the line. now that i hear it from someone else, it sounds obvious18:20
jerif you need an explanation on how the call object works with respect to argument capture, i do have those details as well18:20
Witmanthank you very much. i guess now i'll dig into the program some more on my own18:22
jeri linger here, but may be away for hours at a time, i will see the highlight if you use my nickname though18:33
Witmanjer: ok18:33
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