IRC Logs for #io Thursday, 2019-02-14

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McGigglesAnyone know why the `/reference` link have packages that seem unusable inside the REPL?  16:33
McGigglesExample: I wanted to use the OSX sensors to play with my screen brightness just to play with it, but I get an error saying `Object does not respond to 'AppleSensors'`  16:33
McGigglesI thought it might have been a package or something, but didn't see an Apple Sensors API on their main packages page...  Do I have to require it somehow?16:33
jeri can't help with that unfortunately, on linux18:07
jermy gut reaction would be it wasn't compiled as an addon18:08
jerbut it has literally been years since i wrote the build tooling for the vm and i don't remember exactly how it works =]18:08
McGigglesahh, alrighty.  I just pulled the build off of `brew`, so that's definitely possible. 19:06
McGigglesI'll try reinstalling from source and see if I get any farther with that.  It's not a huge deal, i just wanted to have fun with it a bit :P19:06

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