IRC Logs for #io Tuesday, 2019-05-28

*** wuehlmaus has joined #io13:45
wuehlmaushi, all13:46
wuehlmausBruce A. Tate has written a book ``7 languages, 7 weeks'' or similar13:52
wuehlmausand one language is io13:53
wuehlmausouch, wrong channel13:56
wuehlmausis there completion in io?13:58
wuehlmauswhat i did was making a directory ~/p/io/comp and then using 14:01
wuehlmausfor i in `io <<< 'Object' | awk '{print $1}'` ; do touch $i ; done14:01
wuehlmausthat gives me completion thru file completion but it's not at all smart14:02
wuehlmausthen i delete all names with 2 and 3 letters14:06
wuehlmausrm ??; rm ???14:06
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jerwuehlmaus, or, rm ??{,?}18:25
jeralso yeah io's completion isn't great18:25
wuehlmausjer: rm ??18:47
wuehlmausdelete all files with 2 letters and 3 letters18:47
wuehlmausit's a pity that such a qute language doesn't have a completion to help18:47
wuehlmaus? stands for one sign, ?? for two signs and so on18:48
wuehlmausah, rm ??{,?} works, nice18:50
wuehlmausi always use mv name{,.uncommented} or such but i wasn't thinking it could be easy here :-)18:52
jeryeah, the ??{,?} says, any two characters, or optionally a third one too19:23
wuehlmausi am not the biggest shell loser but i wasn't thinking of that syntax :-)19:31
wuehlmauswhat is responsible for file completion in the io binary? my git version of io doesn't have any completion while my brew io version does20:16
wuehlmausi know rlwrap to give file completion and other completion to me20:17
wuehlmausthe osx brew io seems to be a binary which is super small, 13kb20:29
jermost of io is dynamically linked, if you run: otool -L io23:13
jeryou'll see that23:13
jeras for what gives it completion, i've only ever had that with rlwrap23:13

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