IRC Logs for #io Tuesday, 2019-09-03

*** wildtrees has joined #io17:54
wildtreeshow can I load an execute a script at the repl? 19:15
wildtreesalso is there a way to eval strings in io? 19:20
wildtreesalright found out launchFile works to run a file 19:22
wildtreesok and doString() evals 19:25
jeryeah 21:02
jeryou can doFile() to execute a script in the repl21:02
jeralternatively, there's the autoloader for modules that live in certain paths21:03
jerthose you can just refer `Foo` (without the backticks) if the file is named Foo.io21:03
jerin your current path, or one of the other module lookup paths (see the Importer object for more details there on how to manipulate those paths)21:03
jerand doString() is our eval function21:04

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