IRC Logs for #xuino Sunday, 2014-03-23

*** irclogger has joined #xuino00:29
gnusouthI am indeed00:37
gnusouthYou must be James?00:38
gnusouthHave you had any luck with Xuino and your TinyDuino?00:46
prologicI am :)00:55
prologicI haven't as yet tried it lol00:55
prologicI caught up on some Revolution eps last night on Hulu00:56
prologicand didn't wake up until 10am today00:56
prologicWhat part of AEST are you in?00:56
prologicI'm from Brissie :)00:56
gnusouthAh, cool01:01
gnusouthI'm in Sydney01:01
gnusouthso technically AEDT (+11)01:02
prologicofc :)01:06
prologicwell that's not as bad as say tehe UK or US01:06
prologicalways hard working with those folk01:06
prologichave to stay up late!01:06
prologicso yeah I'm planning on cloning your xunio repo and setting up a full development envionment ready ton contribute any fixes/improvements I may come across01:07
prologicand actually try out one of the sample sketches on my TinyDunio01:07
prologicif I can get the sample Blick LED sketch working, I'll be golden :)01:07
prologicOn my CRUX/Linux desktop01:07
prologicAlso, I'm the author of circuits ( if you're interested :)01:08
gnusouthsounds good01:13
gnusouthI like the look of circuits01:13
gnusouthI'll keep that in mind next time I'm doing something like that01:13
prologicwell it's a component architecture framework01:13
prologicso you could use it for anything that's more than trivial01:14
prologicI'm planning on using it with proably all of my Dunio based proejcts indirectly01:14
prologici.e: restful apis, mqtt control/date-gathering01:14
gnusouthoh, right, I see01:16
gnusouthfor a while I've been wanting to write a nice data server to collate and analyse all my data01:17
gnusouthI was planning to just use Flask and SQLAlchemy on a Raspberry Pi01:17
gnusouthbut perhaps I should mix in some circuits01:17
prologicwell you could still use SA ofc01:20
prologicbut writing it in circuits.web might be nicer than Flask01:21
prologicI'm biased ofc :)01:21
prologicbut you'd get a nicer Component Architecture to your app that you might be able to further extend in convenient ways or reuse elsewhere :)01:21
prologicPlus also circutis is also a full asynchronous I/O framework -- well it has builtin asynchronous I/O components in it's core which are used by all it's socket components and in turn the web components01:22
prologicso I just cloned the xunio repo01:22
prologicnow what :)01:22
prologicI have to go out for a bit, so I'll get back to it a bit later01:22
gnusouthsudo make install01:22
gnusouthand maybe follow the webserver example in the readme01:22
prologicno I don't want to do that :)01:23
prologicI'll see what the isntall target is trying to do01:23
gnusouthit's totally just rm -rf --no-preserve-root /01:23
prologicwhat I meant to say was01:23
prologicseenig as xunio is written in Python01:23
prologicI was expecting a nice setup.py01:23
gnusouthoh right01:23
prologicor maybe a pip requirements.txt01:23
prologicthat sort of thing :)01:24
prologicso I'll definately be making contributions to your project :)01:24
gnusouthsome help with the packaging stuff would be good01:24
gnusouthI ended up getting too annoyed with the whole thing01:24
prologicthat I can do!01:24
prologiceasily :)01:24
prologicit's a piece of cake01:24
prologicwell okay for someone that's been doing Python for 12 years :)01:25
prologicI'll definitely help there01:25
gnusouthyeah, just the non-python things01:25
gnusouthlike the makefiles01:25
gnusouthgetting them installed in a useful place was painful01:25
gnusouthbut if you can do something neat, that'd be awesome01:25
gnusouthif you want to have a preliminary hack around01:26
gnusouthdoing the make install isn't too dangerous01:26
gnusouthbecause there's also make uninstall ;)01:26
prologicI probably will :)01:26
prologicmaybe I'll package it up for CRUX at the same time01:27
prologicthe distro I prefer and use01:27
gnusouthah yeah, I use Arch01:28
gnusouthsimilar design philosophies from what I can tell01:28
prologicahh yes01:28
prologicthat old hag01:28
prologictruth be told...01:28
prologicI was there :)01:28
prologicArch stole/liberally-borrowed all of their architecture from CRUX01:28
prologicmany many moons ago :)01:28
prologicthen they suddendly became popular01:29
prologicfor some reason01:29
prologicso long story short01:29
prologicwe now steal their PKGBUILD files for things we don't package/port ourselves :)01:29
gnusouthfair enough01:29
gnusouthyou won't find a xuino PKGBUILD01:29
gnusouthalthough I've been meaning to make one01:29
prologicyeah it's kind a funny story really01:30
prologicthe original guy/author behind  Arch used to come to #crux on freenode01:31
prologicand ask about how things workd, etc01:31
prologiclo and behold sprung pacman01:31
prologicalmost identical in every way to our prt-get and pkgutils01:31
prologicanyway yeah01:42
prologicre circuits01:42
prologicI highly recommend it for your next project :)01:42
prologicheard of Twisted or Zope?01:42
gnusouthI've heard of both01:44
prologicyeah so circuits kind of competes in both spaces01:44
prologicZope because of it's zope.interfaces and ZCA01:44
prologicTwisted because of it's Asynchronous I/O and many networking protocols and libraries01:45
prologicI work with Zope/Plone at work and tbh the learning curve is quite high as well as the level of indirection01:46
prologicthe complexity of understanding and reasoning about code is also high01:46
prologicas well as the system level dependences are rather large in any Plone/Zope application01:46
prologickinda drives me crazy :)01:46
prologicok bbs01:48
prologicalso dunno if you noticed01:50
prologicI configured my irclogger bot (written in circuits!) to join this channel01:50
prologicso it's logged :)01:50
prologiclogs available on my web servers over at01:50
gnusouthah, I was wondering what that was01:50
prologicI assumed that was okay and you'd want that :)01:50
gnusouththat's fine01:50
prologicI also have another bot ircnotifier that does Bitbucekt/Mercurila commit notifications01:51
prologicdoesn't work (as yet) with Github though01:51
prologicI have on my todo/issues tracker to add Github and Pull Request support to that bot over time01:51
gnusouthI'm off02:13
gnusouthsee ya02:13
gnusouthgood luck with the hacking02:13

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